comment on The Agenda – Is Online Voting the Future?

TVO – The Agenda – Is Online Voting the Future? – May 17, 2017


In future I hope that TVO will invite computer scientists who specialise in elections security when the topic is online voting.

There were a number of things we didn’t hear in the segment, such as the fact that Toronto, Kitchener and Waterloo have always rejected Internet voting, and that Guelph and Orillia just rejected online voting for the 2018 elections.

We also didn’t hear about the many Canadian expert consultations and reports about online voting, consultations where unlike municipal online voting decisions, there was more time to draw on a variety of election expertise.

In every such case, without exception, the recommendation is against online voting. This includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and British Columbia, as well as the federal government.


Also see my longer email with links – email to TVO about online voting.