Elections Canada confirms no federal Internet voting

In Impact of COVID-19, Changes in the context of a pandemic (updated August 27, 2020 at the time of this writing) Elections Canada outlines how they would conduct an election during a pandemic. They state:

Elections Canada did not consider introducing Internet voting. Implementing such a change would require significant planning and testing in order to ensure that the agency preserves certain aspects of the vote, including confidentiality, secrecy, reliability and integrity. Given the current operational and time constraints, this option cannot be explored properly at this time.

or in French:

Élections Canada n’a pas envisagé d’instaurer le vote par Internet. La mise en œuvre d’un tel changement exigerait beaucoup de planification et des tests importants afin de garantir la confidentialité, le secret, la fiabilité et l’intégrité du vote. Compte tenu des limites opérationnelles et des contraintes de temps, nous ne pouvons explorer cette option adéquatement pour le moment.